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Winter Water Chemistry

Why it's Important

During the winter months pool water will naturally turn acidic. It is this acid level in the water that will be corrosive, possibly resulting in your liner puckering and or wrinkling due to the breakdown of the polymers. 

If this happens, there is no quick fix, and your only option is to replace the liner. Not something you want to be surprised with in the spring!

Keep reading to learn more about winter water.

To compensate for the acid build up that occurs in cold weather the alkalinity and pH levels should be adjusted to higher than normal levels. 

Normal Alkalinity Range - 125 - 175 PPM

Winter Alkalinity Range - 150 - 200 PPM

Normal pH Range - 7.4 - 7.6 PPM

Winter Alkalinity Range - 7.8 - 8.4 PPM

Chlorine and Bromine levels are also kept to higher levels to counteract any bacteria or algae growth (believe it or not, algae can still grow in cold water, just at a slower rate!). We also use algaecide in a large amount before you close to help keep that bacteria and algae under control.

Remember - the better a pool is closed for the winter, the better the water quality and the easier it will be to open in the spring. 

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