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Why Should I use a Winter Cover?

Let's protect that pool!

A winter cover's job is to protect your pool from deterioration caused by the elements in the winter. 

When a winter cover performs correctly, it can take quite a beating and can become pretty dirty and scruffy looking. 

A cover looking a little bit the worse for wear is totally normal and does not indicate any defect in manufacturing. Even small pin holes are totally normal and nothing to worry about.

Do's & Don'ts for your Winter Cover

DON'T use the cover as a skating rink! We know it's tempting, but for the life of your cover, it's a really bad idea!

DON'T remove leaves and debris with a sharp object such as a rake or hoe.

DO follow the manufacturer's (our our) instructions for winterizing your pool and accessories. 

DO add winterizing chemicals in the order and amounts prescribed by us.


DO pad any sharp edges or corners of your pool to avoid unusual wear or tears in the cover. 


DO rinse your cover fully in the spring, let it air dry and pack away carefully .

With proper care a winter cover should last 3-5 years!

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